Personal Footprint Plan

If everyone on the planet lived like the average Australian we would need 4 planets to support everyone’s lifestyle. 

The Ecological Footprint calculates humanities demand on nature and communicates it tangibly in terms of hectares per person - giving an understanding of how much we have, how much we use, 
and who uses what. 

In 2007, humanity used about 150% of the planets natural resource supply causing what is called “ecological overshoot”. Put in another way, in 2007 it took 1.5 years to regenerate the resources used by humanity. Much like running a deficit or bank overdraft, it can be manageable in the short-term but can cause trouble without a plan to get back into balance, or surplus. 

If we continue to use resources in the same way, by 2030 we will need 2 planets to support humanity. In development terms, this is a key constraint on well-being.

Whilst the calculations are complicated, reducing your footprint by at least 25% isn't, if you follow our ten point “savings” plan.

 A Personal Footprint Reduction Plan

The Ecological footprint is all about choice. The concept of going without or having less is a confronting one to us today – why should you go without by doing your bit, when someone else isn't? Understanding the implications of your decisions is essential to making a difference without big compromises. 

If driving a 4WD is a necessary part of your life, that’s OK – you can still do your bit to “save the planet” by making up for it somewhere else. The goal of this simple plan is to increase your awareness of the footprint consequence of your modern life and the areas where simple choices can make meaningful differences.