Rouse Hill Town Centre

The GPT Group is one of the largest diversified property Trust’s in Australia and owner and manager of the recently completed Rouse Hill Town Centre is Sydney’s North-West. The Centre is a flag-ship asset and sustainable development was a core aspect of its development objectives.


The Ecological Footprint was used a the central measure of sustainability and an initial target of a 19% reduction as compared to a typical closed centre of comparative size was proposed. The Footprint Company’s retail assessment methodology was applied to the project and a variety of leading and state-of-the-art initatives were implemented as a result.


After its first year of operation, Rouse Hill Town Centre (RHTC) ecological footprint has been confirmed as 32% less which is a significant advancement over the initial 19% target. This success has been achieved in a variety of ways including;

  • the degree of engagement project team members had in the Footprint concept,
  • achieving high levels of energy efficiency through leading design and features,
  • achieving 100% covereage of tenants using the tenant Ecological Footprint Calculator, with an average footprint reduction of 41% over initial designs,
  • achieving higher levels of recycled material content through strong supply chain engagement.