The World's Most Complete and Simple LCA Applications.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) drives sustainable design outcomes. Our applications are designed to reduce the cost and complexity of life cycle impact assessment for buildings and organisations. 


The TFC founders are design professionals who understand the need for applications which visually communicate environmental impacts in a straightforward format aligned to the design process - an approach unmatched by any other LCA software.

Our interface is specifically designed to be easy for non-LCA experts. The user workspace enables fast iteration and analytic evaluation of options and reports provide you with comprehensive impact analysis and comparisons to industry benchmarks to guide your focus and decision making. 


Our applications can be used for any stage in the project, from feasibility stage to detailed quantities and operations. We have a variety of different application types that can be vertically integrated to suit any project type.

They can be used across the life-cycle (i.e. cradle to cradle) and nest vertically (fitout / building / precinct). Our focus is on life cycle carbon, water and ecological impact measures.


A variety of licence formats are available. Please see more on our Licence Fees page.  


Retail base building

Retail Shopping Centre

Suitable for any new development or operational Retail Shopping Centre. Feasibility, concept, detailed design or operational level's are available with comparison to business-as-usual or best practice benchmarks. 

Retail tenancy calculator

Tenancy / Fitout / Interiors

Suitable for new or existing tenancy designs with a comparison to business-as-usual or best practice benchmarks. Commodity group specific capabilities are incorporated which provide superior impact analysis and electricity costs.             
Office base building

Office Building

Suitable for any new development or existing office building. Feasibility, Concept or Detailed Design level assessment available with comparison to business-as-usual and best practice benchmarks.              
Multi-Use Base Building

Multi-use Building

Suitable for any form of building  from feasibility stage through to concept and detailed development and operational phase

Warehouse base building

Warehouse Building

Suitable for any new warehouse base building development. Feasibility, Concept or Detailed Design level assessments available with comparison of results to business-as-usual and best practice benchmarks.  

Warehouse tenancy


Suitable for whole campuses, business parks, portfolios,  masterplan precincts or local government areas.  Incorporates all aspects of the life cycle including capital, operational and replacement impacts.

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