Highpoint Shopping Centre

The GPT Group is one of the largest diversified property Trust’s in Australia and are part owner and manager of the Highpoint shopping centre in Victoria. GPT set a whole of building ecological footprint improvement target of 30% as compared to an Australian shopping centre of a similar size.


The Footprint Company software was used to quantify the projects ecological and carbon footprint and drive initiatives through the project and all its tenants. The final “as-built” assessment result confirmed that this integrated approach supported achieving the project sustainability targets.

By taking a holistic, early approach to measurement, informed decisions were made that have paid off.  The design is more capital efficient delivers a lower operating and embodied carbon footprint while hitting social targets by delivering a superior internal environment quality for people.

GPT Development Manager.

When expressed in terms of Planet Equivalent, the results suggest an impact of 2.1 Planets, which includes the impact of its tenants and is 26% better than the average shopping centre performance in terms of sustainability.